IQDG1027_10K Airbnb Bedroom Starter

Airbnb Bohonavian Makeover

Investment range: $10,196

These room starters have been designed to help you do just that, Get Started!

This Airbnb room starter is perfect if you have an Airbnb but you are not attracting your ideal client or guests are not regularly booking your space. With your purchase, you will receive access to your design portal complete with clickable links to purchase all the items shown in this design.

If you see an item you LOVE buy it ASAP or it may sell out!

These are links to retail sources so everything can be purchased by you at your own pace. You can add to this design or sub out items for something you may see while shopping locally. We have chosen items from a variety of resources for a curated non-showroom looking design.

On average we have been able to charge 50% more for our Airbnb than others in our area. This is due largely to the fact that we have paid careful attention to the design and details of the space. Remember most people are first scrolling through the images looking for the picture of the place they'd like to stay. Yes, the price is a factor for some but if you want a higher tier client awesome photography and design is KEY! We know this because the majority of our comments have included a compliment to the design.

Design should NOT be an overwhelming experience. Please know that we are here to help you create a beautiful inspiring Airbnb space. Should you need additional help with space planning or execution of the design reach out to us by email at

**All sales are final**

**With this package you are dealing directly with the vendors and or retail store. Any concerns must be dealt with directly with the seller of purchased goods.**

Service Disclaimer: If items suggested are sold out or no longer available due to the client waiting to purchase it is not the designer's responsibility to source a replacement item. If a replacement item is required the client will be billed at an hourly rate to reselect.