Airbnb Rental Initial Consultation

$250 USD

Level of difficulty

  • 1build
  • 2build
  • 3build

Price range of products

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  • 2monetization_on
  • 3monetization_on

Much like home staging to sell your home AIRBNB spaces should also be staged and styled to appeal to the masses. They should not be a hodgepodge of your leftover furniture thrown in a room. This is not going to appeal to a quality client and bring you the most return for your investment.

The Airbnb Rental Initial Consultation is for new or existing Airbnb hosts interested in renting or updating a space in their home. During this meeting, we will tour your home (in person) and discuss the rooms involved in the project, how you intend to use each room, your ideas, goals, investment amount, timeframe, and how we save you time and money. This is a WORKING session to begin brainstorming ideas and solutions for your space. We will offer tips, ideas and guidance on how to maximize your space to get the best return of your Airbnb rental.

All services, whether DIY (we provide ideas for you to carry out on your own timeline) or full-service design (a turn-key process), begin with an Initial Consultation.

Prior to this visit, we ask that you complete a questionnaire that will help us better get to know you and your design style.

We will review our design process and answer any questions you may have. We will also get to know you and you us to determine if we are a match.

The Initial Consultation begins the process of working with us and will be used to jump-start your project into the next phase.

*** You'll be provided with your own project-specific client portal where you can add current photos of your home, as well as three of your favorite inspiration pictures. You may also provide a link to a Pinterest board with your three favorite inspirational images. This is optional, but the more information you provide ahead of time, the more productive our initial consultation will be.

Investment: $250


• 15-30 minute discovery call

• Client Questionnaire

• Up to 90 min Design Consultation

• Walk-through of your home

• Discussion of design ideas, lifestyle, tastes, and options

• Budget planning advice

During the consultation, we will try to give as much advice and information as possible about your space. We highly recommend that you take notes. If you decide to sign up with our service (Package 2 OR 3) on the same day as the consultation, the consulting fee will apply towards your package.

* Travel distance over 30 min from Wantagh NY may be extra.

This service is non-refundable and non-transferable and must be used within 90 days from the date of purchase. Please note that no actual design work is completed during this meeting.

Note: Pricing does not include furnishings.